Generic Matching is major function 4B of the Sameboat Story.

basic design intent is two fold.

  1. First to provide readily usable infra for the generic matching problem. A substantial body of knowledge on this, e.g. the stable marriage problem, exists with well understood mathematical properties and existing solution algorithmics.

  2. Secondly to provide generic infra for a dating feature.

I was the devops and sole tech behind from its launch in late '06 till its sale a couple years later. The code base had been originally developed for a publicist and his partner for a black demographic who separated from the partner and had the code repurposed for the female only demographic. I wrote an abuse control system and a wordpress instance per paid user feature but the rest of the code was from the original development for the prior demographic. now has a crappy broken site which doesn't resemble internally the function or quality of the original and in '23, appears not to have been updated since '16 and doesn't even deserve mention in lists of current lesbian dating sites although it was number 1 in the years I worked it.

My first research indicated that Cupid Media had acquired GFM's user base but after direct inquiries about their site, which I thought was now the biggest one for that demographic, there's no confidence that's the case. It's not conclusively known not to be but at this point willing to accept that it's just a coincidence that they have the same start date and the registration of the pinkcupid name occurs a year before they say it launched at the time that GFM did. I also thought pinkcupid was now the no. 1 for that demographic and it's actually only in the top tier.

Cupid Media is one of a number of dating conglomerates that apply a common infra to different demographic verticals, one point here. Others are how a user base isn't retained if quality is not maintained. Still another is the lack of innovation in these conglomerates which compete with vertical sites against single monolithic sites like and eharmony which also are uninteresting as far as the matching process but they all maintain high quality if conventional infra and that has been good enough to own the market.

The second purpose operates in the context of major function 2 and is delivered with 4A and 3. As a feature it is integral with other elements of domain space and the sameboat network node stories.