Available Ontologies

DCP has a large base of well worked common subject matter knowledge which can be used to create an intelligent App or Group domain.

The following low level ontologies are built into any baseline of DCP

  • Communications
  • Distributed computing and User interfaces
  • Geography, Countries and regions
  • Language taxonomy
  • People and their emotions
  • Physical elements
  • World airports

The following support C六 SaaS/PaaS major function options

  • Food, Dining
  • Shopping catalogs and Hotels
  • Wikipedia via DBPedia

The following are available in same state as above and can be added to a custom DCP

  • Automobiles and Engineering components
  • Open Biomedical Ontologies
  • Economy and Finance
  • Government and Justice
  • Law
  • Media and Music
  • Military (General, Devices, Processes, People)
  • North American Industrial Classification System
  • Sports
  • Transnational issues
  • Transportation and its Details
  • Viruses
  • Weather
  • Weapons of mass destruction

New ontologies can be derived from the upper and middle existing ones or as variants of one of above (normally you would extend but replace is an option). Additionally, a Terrorism ontology, at same state as above but with a special acquisition path, is available.

The following are experimental and can be used in a custom DCP

  • Wiki/DBPedia outside of the use in C六 verticals