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Portable Groups

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In 𝔻S, Portable Groups are LDAP Groups which can be migrated from one node to another and carry the common domain space group semantics.

A central feature set of C六 ...

While PG is a consolidation of Groups and Spaces, in terms of Drupal 7, even within the D7 context it is more than just a replacement of organic groups. With a much tighter integration with core, entities, ldap, and domain_access it has a different character in CLiu than OG does in D7. Additionally its charter is to ...
  1. Support name services for Groups

    Groups are subdomains in . Additionally they may have other names both regular IANA routing and private to domain space.

  2. Effect a separability of User, Group and their dependencies at an instant from the rest of drupal at that time.

    A main motivation being to ...

  3. Support migration of Groups within the architecture.

    PGs are generally associated with a single node of the C-Liu/SB network but will be portable in fact to different instances of the underlying infra whether in network or on autonomous MCPs.

    Content suppressed in the wild

  4. Provide DCP based and Autonomous Group Infrastructure Services ...

    For operation outside of the domains content management system, same as enumerated at begin of № 3 above.

    In DCP based groups, DDD support is continuously available. It is also design goal for this support that ejected groups can still use static semantic infrastructure, e.g. ontology based taxonomy in semantic drupal. by export of the data to be reinterpreted by an alternative/user framework.

  5. PlainText Group KnowledgeBase

    Users shall have the ability to define and maintain their group domain conception in a controlled English. The domain knowledge base can be ejected from the live network in file formats such as KIF, RDF, ISO prolog, etc..

  6. Support out-of-network movement of Groups

    A later developed feature, groups should be able to export their data to re-home outside of the network but data only. In particular, drupal to wordpress migration will be supported..