Herzlich Willkommen zum
(stg) devops1.sameboat.network !

src sandbox for php cms core of an alt social network demonstrating MCP/DCMS/DCP and for these major functions —
  1. name services
  2. group domains
  3. videotelephony¹
  4. customizable classifieds and matching²
  5. federation

sameboat network nodes (geonodes)

Distinguishing characteristics of sameboat as a social network:
  • Organizing principle is a rich group infrastructure serving real and virtual communities such as the geonode regions, IRC, or other group network model rather than an advertising platform, app gimmick or other pre SP capitalist grift/monetization scheme. Classifieds/local directory are just the lead app, not the whole concept. Community or 3rd party ownership outside of the central and first 3 geo nodes.
  • Topology. Compared to other local directory networks, fewer but richer geonodes covering regions rather than single cities.
  • Integral mobile app extensible like and neither first nor last relative to the whole system.
  • Curated codebase supporting i18n and continuous improvement and deployment to diverged nodes preserving their local customisations, bringing the power of linux to the masses, and delivering a dynamic new operating system concept.
  • Proof of operations and concept of MCP/DCP.
This instance serves my personal development. If access has been granted via the SAR, scan the QR from a trusted station or device to login with developer role.
STG (not an airport code) is the original production MCP/DCP. Initially, all instances were germinal in it before the gta/wny, commons, chicago, and seattle/vancouver clusters budded out .
¹ Unlimited with jitsi for entitled users, external service support (in order of implementation): Zoom, Skype, others TBA.
² Generic but with personals/dating as first and type use case.
³ @ 50 工 / quarter. See Entitlements in wiki.