Tele* is a integration envelope for videotelephony (VT) as a network service with variable backend provider. Jitsi is the network native default which subscribers host on MCP provisioned for it. F class can choose alternative VT backends as support for them is added, Zoom will be first.

Elements of the doorbell visible in mine are replaced with users custom or defaulted content. The music video clips and other parameters of doorbell operation can be set in the Tele settings control block in profile. F class can also use the F1 clip mechanism in their instance of the doorbell with uploaded clips. It is enabled if the green flap is visible and clicking it will expand the toolbar.

It will then accept an F1 clip code in the text box and display the clip (e.g. '002001') when the F1 button is pressed.

Participants can join an established call using the app on their android or iphones or from the node's jitsi web page if the call has a jitsi 3-in-1 meeting id.

*   "Ft-Tele" in places historically. The drupal part started life as the drucall module. A redvant version which can be embedded on an arbitrary HTML page like the one on the VTIRC story page without full page control, just as the floating doorbell will be available later for DevOps users.