Sameboat Geo Nodes

Design intent: demonstrate and continuously deploy a network of clusters, each associated with a metro region designated by its principal airport code(s).

GeoNodes bear some thematic resemblance to Yahoo GeoCities, but now vs. what in the mid 90s was possible.

Ops concept: operate myself as the first tier of community nodes:

  • bufyyz.sameboat

    ca-us synapse: cattaraugus, chattauqua, erie, and niagara new york plus the gta and niagara peninsula of ontario.

  • ord.sameboat

    new chicago: fourteen counties in illinois, indiana, and wisconsin.

and either operate myself or delegate these as a second tier:


central cascadia: king, kitsap, pierce and snohomish counties and the b.c. lower mainland.

mvdeze.sameboat, lax.sameboat, jfk.sameboat

Autonomous operators can start ops by purchase of the AKSAMBAR SKU of their choice and optionally maintain network standards to remain in the network. "STG" refers to the commons instance and "DEV" to my LAN cluster (STG is actually an Alaska airport). I pitch app development based on vended infrastructure applied to your bespoke domain which realizes a specific biz case beyond the default one of local directory with option of inclusion and adaptation of the other two AKSAMBAR feature sets (matching, commerce).

IRC functionality is associated with the sameboat commons and irc.sameboat.