Domain Space App Platform

common small form factor base app
As a foundational free2 app for my product lines that provides ...

  1. ds native (mcp) messaging/notification1
  2. vending akperson entitlement levels
  3. wear3/watch os common basis
  4. base for instant and clip apps
  5. sff version of the tele smart doorbell & videotelephony
  6. sff version of elements of the boot KEE
1registration is free for both Apple and Google social-networked users creating an AKPERSON without specific entitlement but basic access to most services.
2The base app with all of the functions above is only available on this page. DevOps entitlement is required for source level support.
3WearOS support is generic with galaxy 5 classic as default, WatchOS default is Series 9 SE.

DSAP is the basis of all my F-droid or AltStore applications, some of which are packaged for AppStore or Play.

Content here accessible in the wild with the front page QR or from the brand space AltStore / F-droid servers.