Domain Space App Platform

The sameboat commons app is a foundational free app that provides ...

  1. domain space native messaging/notification
  2. QR and 2FA support included using QR or native messaging
  3. Wear/Watch OS extensions base support
  4. in-app vending of service entitlements
  5. extension support with included small form factor versions of the AC and Tele SPAs as extensions

Beginning with versions 2.1 and greater of GT2, all of my apps will use this base. In particular the tl:dr[x] which are also demonstrations of other delivered infrastructure.

Dev builds are linked below. Using these on Apple platforms requires you to jump some hoops (documented elsewhere) and the version here is the only one (on apple platforms) that operates fully unbundled.
Any wearable extensions will load from the phone app.

Content suppressed in the wild.

Latest binaries for GT2 2.0.n as described @ github

Android Expo ios Expo
Normal users should get current releases on AppStore or Play.