This page was originally intended to demonstrate/develop Stendahl/jackson (from Barrio) and construct a Bootstrap Tour for DS/PM. Subsequently that was done elsewhere, so this becomes a dead end. WFL and such are developed in depth elsewhere, here I note some of my relevant experience ...

  • WFL the Burroughs / MCP Workflow Language, its JCL¹, pronounced "wiffle".
  • Various applications, of which the Givaudan Flavors Division Samples systems was by far the most successful.
    Harish Diwan did most of the OS/2 app and I did the client/server engine.²
  • Maestro and other drupal module(s) for this purpose.
  • The concept of "flow" (of experience) in the context of work.

The MCP/DCP is an adapted version of the linux kernel and my WFL is inspired by the Large Systems process¹ of the same name and superficially similar to it. DS WFL is presented as an Eclipse Literate Programming package over an actor based system between the nodes of this kernel with development in particular using the  Troika  of langs.

¹ Job Control Language.
² Which as a joined thing, as a result of a subsequent work experience, I sometimes call a 'cliever'. The referenced thing ran just on OS/2 workstations with a standard AS/400 DB/2 server.