"Public Market" (PM): a concept I have developed to serve these domains based on these features:

  • An application of C-六¹ and my Domain Space (DS) project.
  • A realization of my Token Economy concept.
  • Stakeholder drupal groups are defined over the DS class structure as follows:
  1. buyer that buys a thing,
  2. seller that sells it,
  3. and market maker that runs an instance of the market mechanism. ²
Of course there's a bit more to it than that. The Public Job Shop mock, which is preserved for continuity, is so named because I intended the implementation of an IT jobbing facility to be first but that subsequently gave way to a more general synthesis of LETS and ordinary E-Commerce.

¹ Django Oscar, SQL-Ledger and the Drupal community accounting API with my curated drupal module and python package itself packaged as the sameboat product line .
² An Operator in the DS class system.